Energy Supply

North America and Europe

Energy Network is a full-service energy and utility consulting and procurement company. Our team of experienced advisors works closely with commercial, industrial and residential clients across the country to reduce their electricity and natural gas costs and mitigate their energy price risk.

With our pricing team based in Houston, and with representatives around the world, Energy Network has been at the forefront of deregulation in developing energy markets since 2010.


Managing your electricity procurement strategy is a full-time job. It takes a team of industry experts, like our team at Energy Network, who follow the market and understand your options in real-time.

Energy Network develops cost-effective electricity procurement solutions.

Natural Gas

When procured strategically, natural gas expenses can be minimized and forecasted accurately.

Our team at Energy Network has extensive experience working with natural gas utilities across the country. Most importantly, we know how to integrate natural gas into your energy management program to help you save money.

Energy Management

Energy Network’s monitoring platform provides you with the tools you need to manage your utilities across your organization.

With real time data and alerts you’re able to manage your utility cost, usage, demand, and other data to automatically generate reports to help identify savings opportunities.

Demand Response

Demand Response programs allow utilities to reduce electricity usage in response to peak demand times, which stress the electrical grid and inflate wholesale electricity prices.

​We can help you determine if a Demand Response program is right for your company.

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​Over 1,000 Regulated and Deregulated Suppliers worldwide

Over 5,500 Clients Worldwide

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