We offer incredible discounts on your everyday purchases

Our Procurement division is the leader in cloud-based, supply chain solutions that significantly improves service quality and reduces operating costs for OEM’s, facility managers, and contractors.

This division was launched as a spin out from a Fortune 500 facility services company with over 110,000 service employees and thousands of subcontractors so we innately understand the complexities and frustrations with managing a complex, service supply chain. Our passion is to bring order to this chaos.

Save 7%–25% on parts and materials

We’ve created an exclusive partnership with a leader in procurement services and supply chain management, to deliver deep discounts on MRO parts and materials by aggregating spend from contractors and building engineers.

​Our partners handle the contract negotiations and supplier management, while we provide the MRO expertise and technology that finds the lowest total cost for materials across suppliers.

A few of our contracted suppliers


Pay 7%-25% less for Parts & Materials

Pay 7%-25% less for Parts & Materials

No startup Costs or hidden fees

No startup Costs or hidden fees

We negotiate supplier agreements

We negotiate supplier agreements

Save time finding and purchasing materials

Save time finding and purchasing materials

Best Value Algorithm™

Our MRO Marketplace is an easy-to-use, cloud-based eProcurement platform that allows for quick product searches across multiple suppliers. Whether your users are purchasing from our contracted suppliers or going outside our program – our platform will find the best value for that product so they buy at the lowest total cost.


Bring order to the chaos of managing your service providers

Service Provider Management

Our Service Provider Management platform transforms the way companies vet, onboard, manage, and objectively measure their service providers through our Contribution Index. For the first time, you’ll have complete transparency and visibility into your entire service provider network.

Service Provider Compliance

We automate your compliance process to ensure all your service providers have accurate documentation on their licenses, insurance, I-9’s, safety training, and more. Service provider credentials are continuously monitored to ensure compliance and alerts are sent to you and the service provider when documentation is about to expire to reduce your compliance and service risk.

Performance Measurement

We perpetually calculate a QCI score of 0–1,000 for each of your service providers and internal workers to identify the best and worst performers. The QCI algorithm has been vetted and validated by the quant group at Mercer (MMC), the world’s largest human capital consulting firm. Similar to a FICO score, our QCI score is computed based on a multitude of attributes including:

  • Skills
  • Customer Feedback
  • Compliance
  • Responsiveness
  • Safety History
  • Quality of Service

Optimal Service Provider Selection

We help ensure you receive the highest quality work for every service request by selecting the optimal service provider based on their QCI score, labor rates, driving distance and more. These attributes can be weighted based on your corporate values and objectives.

Creating a Workforce Meritocracy

Our QCI scoring transforms your workforce into a fair and objective meritocracy where strivers and achievers are rewarded with the most work

Service Providers Solutions

Our Procurement platform significantly reduces operating costs through the industry’s first solution that aggregates the purchasing volume of service providers, building owners, and property managers to provide deep discounts on parts and materials as well as eProcurement software that enables employees and service provider to quickly access these substantial discounts.

Dashboard & Analytics

Our powerful analytics engine will provide you with insights and visibility that you’ve never had access to before. We measure all aspects of your service providers interaction with your customers, then display the relevant information for your review. Examples include service provider and technician performance, compliance tracking, pricing history and more.


Our SAFE-IN/SAFE-OUT feature lowers your company risk by driving service provider behavior to meet compliance. With SAFE-IN/SAFE-OUT you can ensure your service providers are meeting OSHA and company safety procedures.

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