Waste Solutions

Waste Network strives to help our clients reduce waste disposal and recycling costs. In addition, we assist our clients to procure the best waste contract possible.

We have over 31 years in the waste consulting and brokerage business and 97.6% of our clients have realized significant savings. Although we guarantee a minimum of a 10%, our average has been between 25-40% depending on the industry, location, and current contract.

Waste haulers are in business to maximize service at the highest price. We are able to save our clients money by renegotiating current waste contracts, ensuring they have the right equipment, timing pickups, reviewing additional materials that can be recycled, as well as looking at proper landfill and disposal methods.

To make things as simple as possible for our clients we deal with all service issues, invoice audits, pricing concerns, customer service questions, and pricing escalation clauses. We also work directly with the waste hauler to be sure you are getting the best price possible for the current market conditions.


  • We understand waste hauling service providers contracts, fee structures and equipment programs.
  • We will educate the client on all available services and equipment within their local service area.
  • Our program provides full client transparency in the management, monitoring & auditing of designated waste service providers.
  • We can become your single source waste program manager to handle multiple waste service providers, contracts, locations and consolidate for a single point of contact for all of your hauling needs; including service, billing and payment.
  • Provide a no cost / no obligation waste audit to create a specific facility waste profile for each client location
  • The program guarantees a minimum savings of 10% on current (bench mark) waste hauler service contracts or walk away with no client obligation or expense.
  • We will manage all waste services on behalf of the client for the term of the agreement with no additional fees.
  • The program is totally funded by the agreed upon rate structure of the WN waste audit profile for each location.


  • Until now customers have had to rely on waste haulers to recommend service and equipment
  • Waste Haulers are in business to maximize service at the highest price
  • Haulers don’t benefit from recycling programs
  • Haulers don’t benefit from recycling programs
  • We become a tool of your facilities and environmental departments
  • Our experience shows that companies do not continuously review waste service themselves


Waste Audit

  • Compare usage to contracted equipment
  • Identify mismatch in waste, equipment, and pick-up timing

Recycling Efforts Second

  • Review waste and identify additional recycling available

Establish service need and Price Last

  • Establish best hauler
  • Determine best equipment
  • Evaluate proper landfill / disposal method

Renegotiate contract with existing hauler or contract with new preferred hauler

  • Customer determines which path they would prefer

Service and Support

The waste audit is just the start of WN services, we expect to manage all our customer’s waste service requirements to ensure the success and implementation of the Waste Network waste audits recommendations.

  • All waste service functions will be managed directly by us. Our clients do not have to deal with service calls and recall their account numbers or be on hold with the haulers customer service.
  • We will oversee all waste equipment emergencies and equipment service / repairs / replacement for our clients. Including the scheduling and ordering of extra equipment and services as needed.
  • We utilize proprietary software to track customer service, transactions and expenses. This software enables us to manage all scheduling, service needs and vendor invoices matching to the scheduled waste haulers contracted services.
  • Each month we will verify customers waste invoices to make sure we are only charged for the scheduled contracted services.
  • We also monitors all monthly service charges & fees are exactly as negotiated with no surprise price increases or additional fees.
  • We will work directly with the vendors to correct all billing errors each month.
  • We will manage all vendor rebates to ensure they are correct and credited back in a timely manner.
  • We will provide additional ongoing recommendations to our customers throughout the term of the service agreement to facilitate increased savings when feasible.
  • We can provide consolidated, “summary billing” for our customers. Our customers only pay us for the waste services contracted and we pay all waste service vendors each month.
  • Anytime we are onsite at a customer’s location, we inspect all waste service equipment for appropriate utilization and all safety features are working properly to meet OHSA requirements.
  • Throughout our partnership, we will be managing all waste service vendors and agreements to protect our customer’s best interests. This includes making sure agreements do not renew without customer acknowledgment and approval. We will review and provide additional quotes / bids as needed.

We understand our customers do not have the time or man power to manage waste and recycling expenses as they have much larger operational expenses to manage. With us on the job, our customers know we are looking out for their best interest.


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