The World’s Most Scalable IoT Energy Data System

“Take the first step in reducing your utility cost and energy footprint with our metering solution.”




Unlock Data Driven Savings with Clarity of Consumption

Proven Solutions Deployed at the World’s Smartest Companies

We measure building power consumption for numerous Fortune 500 clients, helping to inform better business decisions and building insights.

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We provide building owners and operators with a highly-scalable, low-cost platform to acquire energy consumption data and actionable insights in order to optimize buildings and generate savings across the enterprise.


Energy Insights at a Fraction of the Cost

The most effective solution for gaining granular energy insights in buildings and portfolios.


Quick meter install with easy connectivity enables for a highly scalable platform.

Low Cost

Low cost by using embedded networking, in-panel installation, and superior design.


Efficiently connected building portfolios that are continuously monitored.


Granular energy consumption data captured down to the circuit level and across all buildings.

We enable healthy optimized buildings.

Energy meters

Accurate, reliable meters easily install inside the electrical panel.

Granular Energy Dashboard

Visualize consumption baselines, trends, and anomalies within a single building, or across an entire portfolio.

Analytics & Reporting

Analytics and monthly reporting to enhance operations, building health and reduce costs.

Continuous Power Quality Monitoring

Monitor power quality to extend the lifespan of your buildings, equipment, and assets.

Power Meter Installation

Real-Time Data & Reporting

Energy Network Media

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